An Acting Career Is Not As Simple As It Looks

An actor is in charge of translating an author’s ideas into an original full-scale character with a distinct set of physical gestures, accent, mannerism, facial expression and even signature dialogue. More often than not, actors are cast to portray complex characters that can be both sympathetic and villainous. But before you go on to be an actor, you need to get trained first. The acting arts schools are going to teach you how to become an actor.


Getting trained at the acting arts school is one of the important preparations for you to be an actor. Acting is all about face, skin and blood; therefore, it is extremely important that the actor gets a great deal of exposure to the physical aspect of the art of acting. He should ideally be exposed to different types of acting so that he can learn how to develop his own style. It helps to find out whether the school you plan to attend provides training in improvisation, dramatic writing, character study and more. You must have a good grounding in the art of working with other people so that you can begin your career as an actress.

Most renowned actors started their careers in the silent films of yesteryear. However, many famous actors got their big break in the Romantic movies of the late thirties and forties. There have been a lot of award-winning actresses like Joan Collins, Bette Midler and Meryl Streep who have represented the United States at various awards ceremonies. Getting an Oscar nomination is one of the most coveted awards that you can get. Getting an Oscar nomination is probably one of the highest honors an actress can receive.

In the modern era of TV and cinema, actresses are gradually making a name for themselves. TV actresses are in demand, while cinema actresses are preferred for lead or supporting roles. Actors are required to rehearse for scenes before they appear on screen and actresses need to get trained for various roles. Training for acting is one of the important steps to becoming a star or a success.

An actress can choose to either concentrate on stage acting or on screen acting. For many years, stage and Broadway plays have been the best way for gaining a prestigious name. However, if you have been chosen for a certain play or role, you need to realize that your performance in the play will not earn you any money. Theatre is meant for enhancing the talent and personality of the person. If you want to be a good actress in theatre, you must have that extra drive and determination to perform. This will help you in moving up in the acting ladder.

Leading actors or leading actresses are those who act in all the top shows in the theatre. They act opposite famous actors or actresses. Leading actors can act in comedy plays, dramatic plays or any other kind of play. Many of these actors have their own series on television. For instance, Alias is based on a real life case of an FBI agent and was a very hit television show. Actors like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and many more have featured in popular TV shows and played major characters on the big screen.