Common Numerical Name of an Actress

Actress refers to a human being who acts regardless of sex, while actress generally refers only to a woman who acts; whereas, the Oxford English Dictionary defines an actor as “a person acting in a play, opera or film”. The word is derived from the Greek word actore which means “one acting”. Later on the term became applicable not only to men but also to women in many societies. There are several different types of actresses and they vary as per their area of specialization.


French actress: A person who is an outstanding French actress can never be known as an actor by most of the people. However such women have always been in demand for various roles in all the movies. The word French comes from the word femme which denotes “females”. It has been observed that the French have always preferred the females to the males in their movies and this tendency has not decreased even up to these days.

British actress: The term British actresses refers to those actresses who have acted in major British films. They have been praised and appreciated in the world of cinema. Most of the Bollywood actresses make their arrival in the world of the movie industry through either the English or American television channels. The word British is derived from the word British film, and there can be no comparison between the British actresses and the French actors. The British actresses are also much desired by the directors of Hollywood for various films.

Silent films: A notable fact is that many of the renowned actresses in India owe their birth to the silent films. These talented and famous women have acted in a number of famous silent films. Some of the best known actresses are Madeline Hepburn, Carol Burnett, Joan Collins, Tina Majorino and Gene Wilder. The term Silent films can also be used to refer to those movies which were produced without any sound and were viewed by the people using a hand held device called a VHS. The most notable amongst them all is the Charlie Brown movies.

English – The term English is used in order to denote actresses who belong to the English speaking world. The term English does not refer to any kind of ethnicity, but refers to the standard language used by the majority of the population who are of English descent. Many of the English speaking actresses have made it big in the world of cinema. Some of the renowned actresses include Joanna Berry, rea Brosell and Kate Capshaw.

French – The term French is used to denote the roles that were played by the actresses from France. The term French is actually derived from the French word which means “of the French speech”. The majority of the famous actresses in Hollywood belong to France. Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Christoph Waltz and Julia Roberts are just few of the French-born actresses who have made their presence felt in Hollywood.