Fame and Celebrity Status


Fame and Celebrity Status

Celebrity is a word that has a double meaning, celebrity is also a state of wider public awareness and popularity of an individual, group or sometimes an animal or character, due to the considerable interest given to them by wide social media. For the same reason celebrity is also a term that describes the art and literature written about them, especially by their enthusiasts. Such celebrities may include politicians and sports persons. They can be popular actors and actresses or they can be rock musicians.

There have been celebrities throughout time. Some have been famous for their beauty such as Genella, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. Others have been famous for their achievements or for their talents, for example Sir Paul McCartney. Still others have become famous through associations with art and literature, for example Oscar Wilde. Some celebrities become famous because they excel in a particular area. The field in which a celebrity excels may be popular for a reason, for example acting, music or film production.

The fame of celebrities varies greatly according to the tastes of their fans. Some like Elvis Presley have achieved worldwide popularity through their concerts and movies. Other celebrities are less famous but still have a huge fan following. The life and times of these celebrities form the subject matter of books, poems and plays, while some concentrate on their scandals and their downfall. Film stars such as Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich have had biographies, screenplays and memoirs made about them.

The most popular medium through which celebrities are presented is television. Every day millions of people watch many celebrities on television for various reasons. Most popular celebrities on television are those who appear on a daily comedy show, talk shows that promote funny stories and celebrity gossip. These television celebrities and popular entertainers are celebrities because of their personal lives and the way they make people laugh.

Movies and music are also produced based on the lives of celebrities. In movies as well as music, famous celebrities are those who star in films or who create music. In recent years, well-known athletes have made a name for themselves by appearing in sports movies and then becoming popular overnight. Examples include Muhammad Ali, who won the first out of four Olympic gold medals and remained a celebrity throughout his entire career, Tom Cruise who became a household name after his marriage to Nicole Kidman and Kurt Russell who made a name for himself with his role in the film series of the same name. Other well-known entertainers who have been in well known, long-running television shows include Will Smith who was a popular child actor and then went on to become one of the best known actors of our time, David Hasselhoff who played the title role of “drug lordpin” in the movie “Pitch Black” and is now an executive producer and director of multiple movies.

Celebrity magazines are another source of information on celebrities. Many well known and popular celebrities are featured in several of these magazines, which can give anyone a quick overview of their life and what is happening in their world. They give a lot of entertainment without giving much effort. If you are interested in gaining more celebrity status, articles and photographs can be easily obtained from these magazines and other sources on the internet.