Fame And Celebrity


Fame And Celebrity

Celebrities are persons who receive an extensive amount of media coverage or exposure, either through film, television, newspapers, magazines, or other means. Celebrities are also those whose lives or careers are intensely publicized by the media, drawing huge amounts of public attention. Some celebrities are well known for their outstanding contributions to the field of arts and sciences, while others are famous for their persona or for being sensationalist figures. The term “celebrity” was first used in the late nineteenth century by an American socialite named W. Clement Stone. It came to denote anything extraordinary or outstanding in an individual, group or society.

A celebrity is usually defined as a person whose popularity is so immense that the public is entertained by them or curious about them. A celebrity can be an athlete, a sports player, a political figure, a singer, a writer, a producer, or a public figure. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone whose personality or actions become the object of considerable public interest. Celebrities can be bumbling and silly characters, dashingly handsome figures, or quietly serious people. Their lives are scrutinized worldwide.

People who are famous can command a considerable income or status, be successful in business, attain celebrity status, and enjoy all the benefits associated with celebrity status. With fame also comes a substantial amount of money. Many celebrities have their own private businesses, and a few even manage major companies. They live lavishly and spend lavishly, traveling all over the world and appearing at great expense in places where they are not actually wanted.

Fame is not unique to celebrities. A popular word in the United States that describes a group or an individual is “famous by association”. For example, a group of dentists may be called “The Big Three”. An actor may become famous through his or her acting abilities, or their profession.

Celebrities are always in the news, and almost all news agencies have sections that focus on celebrities. In fact, celebrity news has become as popular as celebrity gossip. Celebrities can inspire us to become better people, and their achievements can help us come up with new ways of approaching problems in our lives. Even when they are not in the news, we can learn about them indirectly. Through the work of other famous people we can achieve things that would otherwise not have been possible.

As mentioned before, celebrities are not only human; they are also not exempt from making mistakes. Sometimes this means that they damage their reputations, and sometimes it means that they are merely caught out by the press for reasons which do not have anything to do with their true character. That said, the public loves celebrities, and admire them for their achievements. We may not always like what they do, but we always admire their courage to be themselves, their confidence in their talents, and for living life as fully as they can.