Tips on Becoming an Actor


Tips on Becoming an Actor

An actor is someone who plays a fictional character in a dramatic play. In theatrical circles the term actor is often used to refer to the comic book and cartoon character, and more recently to refer to the actor who plays the iconic Bruce Lee in the movies. The actor in this sense is not a real person but merely a paper character made up to fill in the space of a missing human character. In modern parlance the equivalent word would be “a faceless villain”. This paper character has no personality, just a set of skills or characteristics which are brought to the fore whenever the requirement arises for his or her use.

An actor can be of any age, and while most people think of teenagers or children when discussing an actor, actors reach all kinds of ages, from newborns to octogenarians. There is no exact age for an actor to be considered an actor, since the term actor depends upon the kind of work that an actor is required to do, where he or she is employed, or whether or not he or she is ever paid for performing these duties. An actor can be an old man studying acting lessons in an affordable manner on TV, or a teen with a big screen contract, or an alien from planet X.

An actor is said to be an actor if he or she can play a specific character that could be imagined by the creator. However, there is no such thing as a blank slate. For example, Picasso can paint pictures, but he did not have to travel from France to Spain to train in order to master this art. Neither did Marlon Brando need to travel from California to England to study to play the lead part in one of his films. And neither did George Clooney.

The most important characteristic that an actor can possess is acting skill. This ability takes years to learn. The best actors learn how to play the part well from the moment they walk into the room. Their ability to get along with other people from different backgrounds is critical, since they must relate to each character’s behavior and desires. Each character is also unique, so they must know how to play that character authentically, instead of pretending to be that character.

Aside from their ability to portray a character well, an actor also has to be skilled in his acting, since the role he plays will usually be in front of the camera. Actors are asked to portray characters that are usually depicted by the script, which is why it is necessary for an actor to know the lines and the specific actions that must be performed by the character he plays. This requires an actor to know how to write a script properly and to prepare for the role.

One of the most difficult parts in becoming an actor is finding out what kind of roles interest you. It helps to see a lot of different roles in order to find something that fits your personality and your standards as an actor. Even if you are not interested in getting into a particular role, watching other actors will give you a good idea of what kinds of roles you would like to try. You can also hire an actor to read for you if you are not interested in reading a script yourself.