Types of Filmmakers and the film Industry

Film, more than any other art form, is about finding the right medium. Which medium can be chosen depends on the nature of the film. Film, like all other media, can be pretentious or vague; it can be academic or accessible. Most filmmakers will agree that the best kind of film to make is one that is accessible to everyone because everybody wants to see something that is new, different and artistic. So how do you know what type of film is best for you?


There are many different kinds of films. Each film has its own place in the film industry, and this is often illustrated by what kinds of viewers the film attempts to attract. Film theory suggests that all films share the same characteristics, but each film will attract certain types of viewers depending on who the film is meant to appeal to. This is why movies are typically categorised as ‘social’ and ‘commercial’. This article is merely about the different possible meanings of the most common acronym, abbreviation or nickname for film: FELT.

Even though the film industry is dominated by men, women do have their part in making a film. There is no dearth of female directors or producers who are qualified to produce high-quality films. But women are not as visible as men in the film industry. They often remain behind the camera as behind the lens is where the money is.

Film theory suggests that the success of any film is based upon its audience base. It is a fact that without an audience base, the film cannot function. However, there are some films that have an overwhelmingly male audience base. These films may have a number of well-known characters, but they are rarely funny, and they are never adventurous. Films that are aimed at audiences who are predominantly male, tend to be about issues related to male issues or about men overcoming stereotypes.

Most films have a large number of people of various ages and ethnic backgrounds. This makes the film industry interesting because it allows movies to be targeted toward a number of audiences. The types of films that are most successful have a wide variety of age groups among their audience base. For instance, family films are not very popular among children and teens. On the contrary, they are a huge hit among teenagers and adults.

A major portion of the film industry profits from international films. All kinds of foreign films are produced every year. Most people prefer to see foreign films over ones made within their own country because they are more familiar with the style, the language and the story line of the foreign film. As a result, the number of foreign films that are produced each year has significantly grown since the advent of the DVD format.