Types Of Movies That You Can View At A Movie Theatre

A movie is basically an electronic signal of moving video images, audio clips or textual information used in combination to create a stable and consistent flow of moving content used for personal enjoyment, education, advertising or other purposes. This term is frequently used to describe something that you would watch over the television or in the cinema. If we were to attempt to classify all the different genres of film then it would be close to impossible. Instead we will lump it under the heading of motion pictures and talk about what they include.


One of the most popular types of movies is a movie theatre. The term can apply to any form of motion picture but we are focusing on the major movie theatres which are typically found in large cities such as Los Angeles. Movie theatres will usually contain a popcorn machine, a concession stand and sometimes even a food court. Movie goers will line up to get their hands on popcorn, snacks and perhaps some alcoholic beverages. Sometimes alcoholic beverages are also served by restaurants in movie theatres but the rules differ depending on the movie being shown.

Documentary films are also a type of movie. In the case of this type the main purpose of the film is to tell a story, often with the help of photographs or audio. These films are often made as a means of public exhibition so anyone who wishes to view it has to pass a certain criteria to join the queue.

Another type of movie is a documentary film. These films are intended to provide information on a particular subject. The format of these films is similar to that of news documentaries. Documentary films can also be home videos. Often home videos are of historical events or home movies are of events that take place at people’s homes. There is no particular style to either of these kinds of movies.

The term animated film refers to any movie that is created using computer animation. Most animation in the movies you see uses computer generated imagery (CGI). The background and the special effects are done with a high end computer software program.

Film schools offer classes that teach people how to create, produce and edit these kinds of movies. Students learn to analyze and interpret the images in the movie. Movie making courses offer the basics of film theory and guide you through the entire process from the conceptualization of the idea to the creation of the actual movie itself. Some courses also incorporate the use of video games to enhance the learning experience.